Employees “get” their purpose with cascading goals

The Balanced Scorecard Institute calls it “cascading goals.” I love this term, because you can visualize how the organization has a strategy and a big goal for the year, and important bits cascade down to departments (sales, customer service, production, even accounting). Then the department manager lets each employee know how they contribute to this […]

Resources- Clarifying Expectations

Why Clear Job Expectations Are Important: They get everyone on the same map! Creates a roadmap for each employee to: Clearly understand expectations and standards of performance. Benchmark their own performance (with key results). Tool for managers to select, train, manage Identify causes of performance gaps. Basis to discuss and improve poor performance. Recognize and […]

Resources- Planning (Strategy, Budget, Sales)

Business Planning: There are several essential planning documents to systematically craft, communicate and implement a roadmap and key results: One-page strategic plan (5 year) Annual budget and with annual goals and 3-4 key projects (rocks) Monthly company dashboard Sales plan and process Outside Resources These links are for resources from several groups that work with high growth […]