Employee’s want feedback – really!

“Doing performance coaching right means 42% higher productivity.” (Bersin report: High-Impact Performance Management: Using Goals to Focus the 21st-Century Workforce) The jury is not still out, the key to the care and feeding of great employees is coaching them clearly, positively and often. In fact, based on a recent survey, the Zenger Folkman group (authors […]

People Plan Leadership

6 Practices of Leadership

Hundreds of studies have demonstrated that the most critical factor that impacts employee productivity, performance, retention and engagement is the relationship between an employee and his or her direct manager. As the book title clearly states “people leave managers, not jobs” What can you do to transform your interaction and dialogue away from being a “manager” […]

Success Story

In a recent meeting with a client, we began to recap what she accomplished in the business in the last six months. Although I was involved in each step of the planning, I was pleasantly surprised to see the whole list “on paper.” During one spring and summer, we were able to recruit, select and […]