Mobile job recruiting

Is your recruiting mobile-ready?

My first experience with recruiting was 1985. Our family business would run a short ad in the Buffalo News weekend edition and at 9 am Monday morning the phones would literally ring off the hook. Everyone in the office would frantically take down applicant’s names and numbers, and my mother and I would call back […]

Where have all the Candidates gone?

Scary statistic– according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 1.5 unemployed per every 1 job opening. Now you know why you are getting a trickle of applicants to your job postings, and why you “can’t find good people.” When the economy really heats up, this situation will be even worse. So how can […]

New blog for the People Plan!

Many small business managers have People Pains such as: Spending too much time reacting to employee concerns (attitude, productivity, pay) Questioning if you have the right people in each job Getting maximum performance from your current team Finding (and keeping) great people Keeping up with the maze of HR legal requirements This blog will be […]