A-Player Attractor Job Posting Template

Get a flood of qualified and interested A-Player applicants with a detailed and targeted job posting that stands out in the crowd.

Describe Your “Employer Brand”

  • Applicants want an employer Culture that matches their values and is a “great place to work”.
  • Describe what makes yours different and appealing to just the Right People.

Share A Realistic Job Preview

  • Give applicants a true picture of the job role – not just duties but responsibility, key results expected, role in decisions, key contacts.
  • Entice “passive” employed candidates to apply because your job sounds better than theirs.


Attract the Ideal Candidate

  • Clearly outline the Ideal Candidate’s skills and competencies so you are wooing the Right People.
  • Fill up your inbox with Ideal Candidates who are excited about your opportunity “This is the job for me!”

Easier, Faster, Better Screening

  • Stop wading through “the pile” of too many applicants- discourage unqualified and barely interested from applying.
  • Improve the clarity and appeal of your job posting to attract the A Players and repel the C Players.

Just fill in the blanks to showcase your workplace and jobs and fill your inbox with A-Players.

Diana Southall

Creator of the People Plan

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