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3 week Live Training – Tuesday mornings in February

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Training by Diana Southall,
Small Business People Coach

To compete for great People in the “new economy,” your company needs a hiring system that is an ongoing marketing process (just like you do to find clients), rather than a reactive and urgent “event” when a person quits.

I created a three-part webinar training to show you exactly how to do this:

  • February 7 —Identifying the A player profile

    Do you want a team with all A players? You have to know how to scout for talent.

    • Why traditional hiring practices fail– and what to use instead
    • What turnover and C players can cost you
    • 6 elements of an A player candidate profile
    • How a small employer can stand out from the Fortune 500
  • February 14 — Recruiting and screening applicants

    5 phases of an ideal selection process to find your ideal “needle in the haystack”

    • Where should you advertise for your A player?
    • How to encourage A players to apply and discourage C players?
    • Quick and effective screening methods to sort through “the pile”
    • Tips to verify skills and background earlier in the process
    • 3 areas to evaluate for Job Fit and success potential
  • February 21— Improving Interviews

    Learn 10x more about your candidates with best practices selection tools

    • Look beyond “industry experience” to find matching competencies in A prospects
    • 10 key elements you should evaluate in every candidate for every position
    • 5 tips to maximize your time with candidates to learn more about their qualifications and aspirations
    • Use targeted interview methods and questions to verify personality, job, and culture
    • Bonus “How to Build a Virtual Bench” for a continual flow of qualified applicants
  • Bonus: Hiring Wookbook

    Includes Hiring Toolkit Workbook

    • Course notes: Three full pages of training outline for handy note-taking
    • Template: the “A Player Attractor” Job Posting Template
    • Checklist: 31 Step Hiring Process
    • Access to video replays of live sessions for 30 days

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