Live Training Programs 

Join Diana Southall to learn the entire People Plan system and details on each step to build, coach, engage and reward your team.

There are two training options, an online live training weekly over six weeks, or a one-day in-person workshop in Buffalo NY.

In these programs, you will:

  • Discover your Ideal Role and create a strategic roadmap to get there
  • Map business responsibilities to your current team and future roles
  • Learn how to evaluate your current team for Job Fit [get the Right People in the Right Jobs]
  • Outline company dashboards to monitor and improve key performance indicators
  • Be introduced to the step-by-step process to coach and hold team accountable for results
  • Find out how to link individual and company performance to pay and other rewards

90-Day Online People Plan Course

[Late Fall 2020]

A small group of business owners will be led by Diana Southall to design their People Plan. This course will be online with weekly live training, templates and tools to design your ideal role and the roadmap to build a team to achieve this.

One-Day People Plan Implementation Workshop

[Winter 2021, Buffalo New York]

Join Diana Southall for a one-day implementation workshop, where you will learn the entire People Plan system and details on each step to build, coach, engage and reward your team.

Live Webinar Training

Webinar People Plan Deep-Dive Training

Learn the 9 steps to Build, Coach, Engage your trusted accountable team, to run and grow your business so that you can focus on what you love to do.. work less.. and grow or transition your business.

You will learn the steps to:

  • Build from C-players to a fabulous team of A-players who work together
  • Coach from fires, chaos and drama to a trusted team that grows the business
  • From hiring hands to Engaging people to gladly contribute their heads and heart
  • Reward and retain top performers with what they crave- challenging work and opportunities

Webinar: Build Your Team: Get the Right People in the Right Jobs

Watch this recorded video training by Diana Southall to learn about how to Build on the strengths of your current team. This is a companion training to our Guide: Build Your Team, Right People Right Jobs.

  • Four main questions you need to answer to get your people to be crystal-clear about what they need to do
  • The positive step-by-step process to get every member of your team motivated to work together to achieve the results you expect
  • Tell-tale signs you have a good person in the wrong role, and what to do to fix this
  • What you need to do first, BEFORE you start “holding people accountable”
  • Three main problems that prevent your coaching and training from being effective