Are You An Idea Hamster?

I often spend time with clients and other business owners who are full of ideas– so many they don’t know where to start, or they starting working on 2 (or 10) without much progress. Their head and office notebooks are littered with the ghosts of projects past. I heard another business owner Amy call this being […]

5 Plans to Run Your Business

Remember Steven Covey’s habit “Begin with the end in mind”? There are five main plans to guide your activities and decisions to create the business you desire: 1. Strategic plan It is crucial to provide a roadmap to guide your major decisions. A simple strategic plan answers the key questions: “what kind of business do […]

9 Benefits of a General Manager in your Small Business

9 Ways a General Manager Will Benefit Your Small Business

Over the years, you built your small business on step at a time. Your hired more staff to sell and service your clients, then you added an office manager and/or an accounting manager. With each hire you expected to get “freed up” to act like an owner, not an employee. Yet you are “crazy busy” every day– getting sales, monitoring […]

Work Expands to Fill The Time

Last week I had very similar conversations with general managers at two very different businesses. They both had teams that seemed to be less focused, productive and efficient the more time they had. One is a seasonal business where everyone works overtime for 4 months and then have very little to do during the off-season. […]