What does a High Performer Look Like?

“10 Competencies of the High Performer” A great infographic image from management consulting firm CEB gives you a quick list of the 10 competencies in high performing players. (I have grouped them by categories.) Interpersonal: Works well on teams Able to influence Possesses self and organizational awareness Work habits: Agile learner Able to prioritize Decisions/ […]

Resources – Training & Development

This module focuses on how to create action plans and the steps to identify and groom people for advancement within the organization, helping you build a team of skilled and involved employees that do a great job. Videos Training 6 – Training and Development Action Plans Documents Training Checklist Articles People Plan Blog Post – Total Reward #4 […]

Study Finds 10 Key Competencies for High Performers

The Corporate Executive Board Company (CEB) analyzed performance based on information from more than 20,000 managers and their employees (40 organizations across the globe). They found 10 competencies differentiated and identified “high performers” able to succeed in our volatile, changing “new work environment.” These competencies can be categorized into three key areas – adapting to […]