The Corporate Executive Board Company (CEB) analyzed performance based on information from more than 20,000 managers and their employees (40 organizations across the globe).

They found 10 competencies differentiated and identified “high performers” able to succeed in our volatile, changing “new work environment.”

These competencies can be categorized into three key areas – adapting to change, working collaboratively, and applying judgment:

Adapt to Change
• Organizational awareness
•Learning agility

Work Collaboratively
•Technical expertise

Apply Judgment
• Prioritization
•Problem solving
•Decision making

According to their research, these competencies are found in about 5% of the working population. They also suggest that “The competencies essential to strong performance in the new work environment are best developed through on-the-job experience with a single company over time.”

What can your small or mid-sized organization due to develop at least part of your staff into high performers by focusing on these skill sets?

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Identifying and Enabling the New High Performer

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