Was she really “trained?”

When we have an employee who seems to be struggling with part of the job, we think back and exclaim “but she was trained!” Often a person has been “trained” but still does not adequately complete the job duties. There are multiple reasons “training” doesn’t succeed: It was not comprehensive enough- just covering the basics does not convey […]

Will training help

Will training help?

We have all worked with an employee (perhaps you know one now) that does not seem to ever “get” a part of the job, or who continues to struggle with something longer than expected. For example, you show this person how to create a report three times over three months, but in month 4 she […]

Resources – Training & Development

This module focuses on how to create action plans and the steps to identify and groom people for advancement within the organization, helping you build a team of skilled and involved employees that do a great job. Videos Training 6 – Training and Development Action Plans Documents Training Checklist Articles People Plan Blog Post – Total Reward #4 […]