Resources – Rewards

This module focuses on how to prepare for and deliver performance feedback via one-on-one discussions and then ongoing corrections and compliments. Video Train – 13 Total Rewards In this video you will learn: How to incorporate the World at Work Total Rewards Model into your organization. How to make sure what you are rewarding is […]

Sharing the “Profits?”

Does your organization pay discretionary bonuses or “profit sharing” to employees this time of year? Year end payments have many names… bonus, incentive, profit sharing, gain sharing… The majority of organizations make these annual payouts that typically cost 3-10% of employee pay, but are you getting any “bang for your buck?” The plans (if you […]

Total Rewards #11- Opportunity for Advancement

The perception: “McJob- a low-paying job that requires little skill and provides little opportunity for advancement” (Webster dictionary). But how wrong they are! The reality: According to a recent article by our firm’s founder Dr. Jerry Newman and McDonald’s Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Richard Floersch, McDonald’s actually has very high employee perceptions […]

Total Rewards #10- Recognition

“Employees expect to be recognized when they do good work. Thanking employees for doing good work is not just common sense, it increases the likelihood that they will want to continue to do good work and serves as a catalyst for attracting and retaining talented employees you and your organization need to be successful.” Dr […]