Engagment Drivers #2- What is Valued?

Our prior article What Drives Engagement? listed the top 10 engagement drivers. Two areas impact employee perceptions of what the organization values (category 2): #1. “(My boss) sets high personal standards” Share what excellence and success looks like in their job (do you have any key performance indicators to discuss/ share/ track?) Hold everyone accountable to do […]

Quick recognition template

Our recent blog post showed that employees desire more appreciation and recognition, so here is a quick template for you to develop your own semi-formal recognition program. (If you involve your team members in the development process, we will give you bonus points). •List 3 ABC’s (ABC- attitudes, behaviors and contributions) that would improve your […]

Employee Reviewing Papers

Did you review 2012 with your key team members?

Most small business/ small organization managers interact regularly with their staff members—assigning and coordinating work, answering questions and approving decisions, coaching on skills or techniques, “putting out fires,” and inquiring about progress and status of tasks you assigned. This is an effective management technique, once dubbed “Management by Wandering Around” by Tom Peters and even […]