Total Reward #13- Supervisors

Supervisors—you can’t fire yours, but you certainly can leave them… The topic of the supervisor- employee relationship has been researched and written about since “industrial psychology” started as a field. A recent book title summarize the importance of this dynamic in retaining and engaging employees, “People Leave Managers, Not Organizations.” How many times did you […]

How to Align Culture with Goals

Last month our blog discussed what is Culture  and why does it matter. Essentially Culture is the attitudes, belief sets, values, written ground rules, and unwritten ground rules that set the tone of the organization and the guidelines by which employees make decisions. If you want to use the powerful force of Culture as a […]

Why does Culture matter?

“Every company has a culture, whether they like or not. It’s an undercurrent, sometimes silent, sometimes outspoken.” (Tom Foster management blog) Culture is the #1 factor that influences employee attitudes, actions and results and cannot easily be overcome by standard “motivational” tools (pay, incentives, performance reviews). This post is an excerpt from a report of the […]