Resources – Rewards

This module focuses on how to prepare for and deliver performance feedback via one-on-one discussions and then ongoing corrections and compliments. Video Train – 13 Total Rewards In this video you will learn: How to incorporate the World at Work Total Rewards Model into your organization. How to make sure what you are rewarding is […]

Thanks for the $500 :(

More than half of for-profit employers pay out some sort of “year-end bonus” – sometimes it’s called incentive, profit-sharing, distribution, bonus checks. I heard two examples this month of employees who were actually disappointed/ mad after receiving a fairly generous bonus! Many well-meaning employers have one of these “plans” but there are two key problems […]

Engagement Driver #4- Development Opportunities

Our prior article “What Drives Engagement?” listed the top 10 engagement drivers. Three areas impact employee perceptions of available development and career opportunities (category 4): 1. Enjoy challenging work assignments that broaden skills 2. Improved my skills and capabilities over the last year 3. Have excellent career advancement opportunities Many people are comfortable and happy […]

Sharing the “Profits?”

Does your organization pay discretionary bonuses or “profit sharing” to employees this time of year? Year end payments have many names… bonus, incentive, profit sharing, gain sharing… The majority of organizations make these annual payouts that typically cost 3-10% of employee pay, but are you getting any “bang for your buck?” The plans (if you […]