In a recent meeting with a client, we began to recap what she accomplished in the business in the last six months. Although I was involved in each step of the planning, I was pleasantly surprised to see the whole list “on paper.”

During one spring and summer, we were able to recruit, select and train two new team members and a fabulous assistant manager, promote a department manager to general manager (and trained how to delegate and work with his new assistant), turn around one employee who had lost their enthusiasm, and free up the owner from day to day management responsibilities so she could grow her second business (which she did—at a rate of over 10% that year). Best of all, she did this by involving her team to take over more responsibility and they all enjoyed their jobs more. Whew! And yet the owner felt that this was a “fun” project that she completed in a few hours a week of her time, and with these amazing results.

I work with clients who have a burning desire to surround themselves with competent and enthusiastic team members, who want to build a team that works together to make the business a success.

Many of us are willing to “put up” with the quirks and quibbles of our team members, with some mediocre performers, with attitudes that waver from positive to pessimistic. After all, good people are hard to find, right? … but I am here to tell you that you CAN expect and receive great performance from your team and you CAN find people that are willing to join you on your path to business success.

So, ask yourself what you’re waiting for. If you want a business success that relies more on your team than on you, time to put a People Plan together and go for it!

And if you’re thinking: “I don’t know how,” “I am not comfortable with delivering feedback,” or, “I need help” … You’re NOT alone and, it’s ok!

Being an entrepreneur forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and that’s scary! And, it’s an essential part of the process of achieving success.

But, the good news is, you can  And, we are here for you… to develop a step by step plan, to answer your questions, to help you work through your People issues, and to support you through the process of growing your successful business team in whatever way you need.

So give yourself permission to create the business you that you want, right now. You can do this.

So if you’re ready:

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