Do you have these 4 growing pains?


Not everyone has the determination and stamina to grow their company. It’s not for quitters or the faint of heart.

Maybe this describes your life today:

  • I know many owners who have reached overwhelm or burnout – they actually dread adding another customer or employee.
  • It feels like they are just adding more weight to heavy anchor they are pulling uphill, and dragging some of their team with them.
  • To make matters worse, increased sales cause cash flow issues and profits aren’t rising as fast. 
  • They work long hours, and sometimes they wonder if the journey is worth the effort.

When I was VP in my family business, my Mom and I felt the same way, and we had all 4 of these growing pains:

  • STRATEGY: Lack of Strategy to grow sustainable sales
  • PEOPLE: Not having the right people in the right roles who are accountable for results
  • EXECUTION: Processes and communication strain or break down 
  • CASH flow issues

If this sounds like you, then I want to share with you the “Scaling Up” process described in the best-selling book by Verne Harnish, and used by thousands of companies to grow faster, more profitably, with less drama.

If you would like the quick summary, here is a 3-minute explainer video:

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Can your business handle 25% more revenue?

More companies die from indigestion than starvation.” – Dave Packard, Hewlett Packard

You might be surprised to know that I speak to business owners every month who want to grow 25% next year, but they don’t have a plan to get the sales or handle the extra work.

According to Scaling Up by Verne Harnish, these are 3 warning signs that you aren’t ready for more sales:

  • Your profits are at or below the industry average [or you don’t know what that is]
  • Processes are not running smoothly now
  • There is drama on the team or from customers from missed deadlines, increasing mistakes, lack of resources, and “communication” issues
  • People are working overtime to fix problems

At the very time when the focus becomes more important, your key people start being “too busy” putting out fires to work “on” the business.

Maybe you are doing this too— getting dragged into daily work instead of setting aside time to evaluate, plan and work on the key projects that will improve the business.

What is the solution? 

Thousands of businesses have adopted the “10 Rockefeller Habits” as outlined in Vernes’ book “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” (and now updated in his recent book, Scaling Up.)