I just read a great opinion piece from Dan Oswald, President of M Lee Smith Publishers.

He relates the story of  Charlie Plumb, a World War 2 Navy Pilot who was shot down, parachuted to “safety” and survived 6 years as a POW. One day he was approached by a man who told him that he packed Charlie’s parachute– they one that saved his life. This encounter made a distinct impression on Charlie, that we take for granted the people who help us in our work and personal lives.

To quote from the article “Every job in your organization is important. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t have someone spending their day doing it. So, don’t forget to recognize those people doing all the little things that are critical to your success. Go visit them where they work. Ask them about their job and the things they’re doing that day. Take an interest in what they do. Let them tell you about it. Then thank them for their efforts, acknowledging their contributions to the company. They deserve that.”

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Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net