Thanks for the $500 :(

More than half of for-profit employers pay out some sort of “year-end bonus” – sometimes it’s called incentive, profit-sharing, distribution, bonus checks. I heard two examples this month of employees who were actually disappointed/ mad after receiving a fairly generous bonus! Many well-meaning employers have one of these “plans” but there are two key problems […]

What Managers Think Employees Want

In a study by the Labor Relations Institute of NY, managers selected what they thought employees valued most, and then asked employees what they valued: Manager /Employee rank- Job Reward       1/ 5- Good wages 2/ 4- Job security 3/ 8- Promotion and growth 4/ 9- Good working conditions 5/ 6- Interesting work 6/ 7- Personal loyalty to workers 7/10- Tactful discipline 8/ […]

Total Rewards #10- Recognition

“Employees expect to be recognized when they do good work. Thanking employees for doing good work is not just common sense, it increases the likelihood that they will want to continue to do good work and serves as a catalyst for attracting and retaining talented employees you and your organization need to be successful.” Dr […]

Total Rewards #8- Performance Management

In my informal poll of employees and human resource professionals, most are not satisfied with the performance review process at their organization. The “annual review” is often the most dreaded event for employees and managers alike (hundreds of studies back up my personal polling results) go to this web-site. Don’t blame HR people—they have the […]

How to Align Culture with Goals

Last month our blog discussed what is Culture  and why does it matter. Essentially Culture is the attitudes, belief sets, values, written ground rules, and unwritten ground rules that set the tone of the organization and the guidelines by which employees make decisions. If you want to use the powerful force of Culture as a […]

Total Rewards #1- Pay

Compensation (base pay) is the most expensive reward you offer employees yet it is not very impactful in retaining or motivating employees. (It is in attracting new employees and a factor in their decision to take your job offer). Your pay practices can also become a major de-motivator if employees feel that they are not […]