What Drives Engagement?

Top ten global engagement drivers You have at least met (if not work with) someone who is NOT engaged– they show up and barely do the job. What can be a delight for co-workers and managers is someone who is “actively engaged.” Engagement is when an employee expends discretionary extra effort in their job— studies […]

Quick recognition template

Our recent blog post showed that employees desire more appreciation and recognition, so here is a quick template for you to develop your own semi-formal recognition program. (If you involve your team members in the development process, we will give you bonus points). •List 3 ABC’s (ABC- attitudes, behaviors and contributions) that would improve your […]

Sharing the “Profits?”

Does your organization pay discretionary bonuses or “profit sharing” to employees this time of year? Year end payments have many names… bonus, incentive, profit sharing, gain sharing… The majority of organizations make these annual payouts that typically cost 3-10% of employee pay, but are you getting any “bang for your buck?” The plans (if you […]

Total Rewards #8- Performance Management

In my informal poll of employees and human resource professionals, most are not satisfied with the performance review process at their organization. The “annual review” is often the most dreaded event for employees and managers alike (hundreds of studies back up my personal polling results) go to this web-site. Don’t blame HR people—they have the […]

High Involvement work practices engage employees

Organizational effectiveness scholar Edward Lawler identified four “high involvement” principles that have a positive impact on employee engagement– power, information, knowledge and rewards. What Lawler called “Power” (also referred to as autonomy or independence) means that employees have the power to make decisions that are important to their performance and to the quality of their […]

Are your employees aligned to achieve organization’s goals? Some signs this is lacking….

To achieve your organization’s goals, you need employees that are competent in their jobs, committed to the goals (believe in values and direction) and engaged to use their talents to achieve those goals. When employees do not share the values of the organization, do not believe that they can/ should work toward the goals, or do […]