4 Things High Performers Want From Managers

Zenger Folkman report that employees who are the most satisfied and committed work for leaders who do 4 crucial “behaviors that focus on achieving challenging goals” Inspire them to high levels of effort Energize them to achieve exceptional results Create an atmosphere of continual improvement Skillful at getting them to stretch for goals that go […]


Was she really “trained?”

When we have an employee who seems to be struggling with part of the job, we think back and exclaim “but she was trained!” Often a person has been “trained” but still does not adequately complete the job duties. There are multiple reasons “training” doesn’t succeed: It was not comprehensive enough- just covering the basics does not convey […]

How does a Small(er) Employer Attract Generation Y?

Meet your newest employee pool: Generation Y (or the millennial generation, born 1981-2000). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they are already about 24% of the working population this year. This month about 1.7 million students will graduate college (most born about 1990). These potential candidates have vastly different impressions of work and reward […]