Employee’s want feedback – really!

“Doing performance coaching right means 42% higher productivity.” (Bersin report: High-Impact Performance Management: Using Goals to Focus the 21st-Century Workforce) The jury is not still out, the key to the care and feeding of great employees is coaching them clearly, positively and often. In fact, based on a recent survey, the Zenger Folkman group (authors […]

Do we dread performance reviews?

This graphic and suggestions are from Cornerstone OnDemand (HR software for small business): “Most of us are still a little battle-scarred after years of terrible reviews. But it’s not too late to fix reviews – to make them useful instead of something to be dreaded. ” It’s all in your approach… Great organizations position reviews as […]

Employee Reviewing Papers

Did you review 2012 with your key team members?

Most small business/ small organization managers interact regularly with their staff members—assigning and coordinating work, answering questions and approving decisions, coaching on skills or techniques, “putting out fires,” and inquiring about progress and status of tasks you assigned. This is an effective management technique, once dubbed “Management by Wandering Around” by Tom Peters and even […]