Quick recognition template

Our recent blog post showed that employees desire more appreciation and recognition, so here is a quick template for you to develop your own semi-formal recognition program. (If you involve your team members in the development process, we will give you bonus points). •List 3 ABC’s (ABC- attitudes, behaviors and contributions) that would improve your […]

Total Reward #13- Supervisors

Supervisors—you can’t fire yours, but you certainly can leave them… The topic of the supervisor- employee relationship has been researched and written about since “industrial psychology” started as a field. A recent book title summarize the importance of this dynamic in retaining and engaging employees, “People Leave Managers, Not Organizations.” How many times did you […]

Total Rewards #1- Pay

Compensation (base pay) is the most expensive reward you offer employees yet it is not very impactful in retaining or motivating employees. (It is in attracting new employees and a factor in their decision to take your job offer). Your pay practices can also become a major de-motivator if employees feel that they are not […]