Allergic to deadlines

When I speak with business owners and managers, they all seem to long for this illusive state of “accountability.” Typically they mean a desire to trust that employees are doing the Right Things, and are “kept in the loop” when issues arise or things are not being done. Instead, most report that they have to […]

What Managers Think Employees Want

In a study by the Labor Relations Institute of NY, managers selected what they thought employees valued most, and then asked employees what they valued: Manager /Employee rank- Job Reward       1/ 5- Good wages 2/ 4- Job security 3/ 8- Promotion and growth 4/ 9- Good working conditions 5/ 6- Interesting work 6/ 7- Personal loyalty to workers 7/10- Tactful discipline 8/ […]

How to Align Culture with Goals

Last month our blog discussed what is Culture  and why does it matter. Essentially Culture is the attitudes, belief sets, values, written ground rules, and unwritten ground rules that set the tone of the organization and the guidelines by which employees make decisions. If you want to use the powerful force of Culture as a […]

Why does Culture matter?

“Every company has a culture, whether they like or not. It’s an undercurrent, sometimes silent, sometimes outspoken.” (Tom Foster management blog) Culture is the #1 factor that influences employee attitudes, actions and results and cannot easily be overcome by standard “motivational” tools (pay, incentives, performance reviews). This post is an excerpt from a report of the […]

Are your employees aligned to achieve organization’s goals? Some signs this is lacking….

To achieve your organization’s goals, you need employees that are competent in their jobs, committed to the goals (believe in values and direction) and engaged to use their talents to achieve those goals. When employees do not share the values of the organization, do not believe that they can/ should work toward the goals, or do […]