Coaching: Accountability & High Performance

Every team leader has the challenge to motivate marginal performers to strive for more and to keep top performers engaged and challenged. We work with you to implement a step-by-step process for managers to hold people accountable in a positive effective way, and to build coaching and recognition into the weekly routine. This process creates an environment where performance is clear, expected, recognized and rewarded.

Template: Job Responsibility Profiler

You can’t hold your People accountable if you aren’t clear on their role and responsibility. Use this template to clarify their job activities, key performance indicators, and the expected results!

Guide: Coaching For Accountability & Performance

This guide outlines how managers can build coaching and recognition into their weekly routine, to hold people accountable in a positive effective way. This process creates an environment where performance is clear, expected, recognized and rewarded.

Video: Performance Discussion & Addressing Issues

In this video you will learn how to:

  • Start (continue) annual performance discussion process
  • Build a foundation for ongoing coaching conversations
  • Improve relationship and trust with employees
  • Address the performance or attitude issues you have been avoiding


Webinar: Coaching for Accountability & High Performance

When: Wednesday October 4 at 9 am [eastern]

Learn how you can coach & develop your trusted accountable team:

  • Once you have the Right People, get them working on the Right Things
  • Clarify specific business and individual results with key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Track and report key results on dashboards for clear and effective accountability
  • Leverage your coaching time with individual weekly coaching conversations
  • Identify & challenge high-performers with development action plans
  • Keep everyone working together and on the Right Things with quarterly planning & update meetings

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