Building Your Team: Right People, Right Jobs

Your business success is dependent on the quality of your team. The key to building a trusted accountable team is to develop the Right Jobs for the strengths of your current team, plan for future roles, and instill a process to clarify the Right Things that you need to grow and optimize your business.

Guide to Building Your Team: Right People… Right Jobs

Do you have the team you need to grow your business? Discover the 3 keys to build a reliable team you trust to run your business on “autopilot.”

Template: The People + Performance Profiler

Map a Profile of your People in 5 minutes, so you can focus on team strengths and create a blueprint to coach for maximum performance.

Template: Job Fit Performance Maximizer

Use this template to quickly identify if an employee is in the Right Job, discover strengths to build on, and uncover the specific cause of performance gaps for an effective coaching plan.

Free Training: 3 Steps to Build Your Trusted Reliable Team

Recorded Webinar: 3 Steps to Build Your Trusted Reliable Team

Get the Right People in the Right Jobs… to run and grow your business for more fun and freedom

Join Diana Southall to learn:

  • Four main questions you need to answer to get your people to be crystal-clear about what they need to do
  • The positive step-by-step process to get every member of your team motivated to work together to achieve the results you expect
  • Tell-tale signs you have a good person in the wrong role, and what to do to fix this
  • What you need to do first, BEFORE you start “holding people accountable”
  • Three main problems that prevent your coaching and training from being effective

Watch Recorded Webinar [30 minutes]

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