The People Plan Strategy Design

This program is for the business owner who wants to get a quick start to Business and People Planning. This is a hands-on, one-day planning session directly with Diana Southall in Buffalo, New York or a mutually agreed-upon destination. In two days, we will map out a customized plan to take your team and business to the next level in the next year, including your financial goals, your ideal role, design the team you need around you, and create an action plan to achieve these goals. Because a great plan requires execution to achieve your next level of success, you’ll be coaching with Diana privately for 90 days to begin implementing the plan that you have co-created together.

Request a brief chat with Diana Southall to learn more.

Accelerate Private Coaching

If you would like a custom People plan, expert guidance and the accountability to make it happen, Diana Southall provides private coaching to a few dedicated business owners.

Over 12-18 months, Diana works directly with you and your team to design and implement the Plan, People and Process you need to optimize and grow your business. This program is available locally for clients in the Buffalo area as well as via video coaching for those outside Western New York. Diana is a master at getting busy executives and entrepreneurs to stay focused and be accountable to implement ambitious plans.

If you are genuinely interested in making a positive change to your role, your team, and your business, request a brief chat with Diana Southall to find out more and see if you are a fit for this process.

The People Plan Live Online Group Course

[Pilot program: Late Fall 2020] A small group of business owners will be led by Diana Southall to design their People Plan. This 90-day  course will be online with weekly live training, templates and tools to design your ideal role and the roadmap to build a team to achieve this.

Watch Recording of “People Plan” Training

Join Diana Southall as she outlines the entire People Plan process to Build, Coach, Engage and Reward your team. During this 30 minute session, you will learn how this step-by-step process transforms your staff into a high-performing accountable team that compliments your role, focuses on delighting your customer, improving the process, and growing revenue and profits. Find out how implementing this unique system will finally get everyone (including you) on the same page and focusing on the Right Things that matter to your employees, your customers, and your business value.