Owner & Key People Roles: Design & Roadmap

Owners “fall into” rather than design their ideal role, but this is key to business growth, continuity, and value. If you want to build a business that “works for you” rather than relying on your daily involvement, you need a strategic “Owners Plan” to outline the ideal role for you and your Key People. This is especially important if you have multiple family members or partners, so that everyone knows “who does what” and there is clear authority and accountability for specific results.

Checklist: 7 Roadblocks to Small Business Success

Discover what is stalling your small business growth …  pinpoint the source of your growth pains and identify what you need to fix first, to rocket revenue and unlock profits.

GUIDE: Small Business Owner’s Role and Roadmap

This guide walks you through the steps to discover your ideal role, outline the roles of your current team, and how to create a strategic “Owners Plan” roadmap to building a team of key people you trust to run your daily operations. [Guide Publication Date: November 2020]

Request an Owner’s “Role Review”

If you feel stuck in the day to day, or you aren’t working in your “zone of genius” most of the time, perhaps it’s time to step back and evaluate what is the cause. We can create a strategic “Owners Plan” to outline your ideal role with a discovery process, and then outline a roadmap to get you there. Request a session by scheduling a quick chat with Diana Southall.

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