Module 1

Module 1 – Clarify Job Expectations (Design Job Responsibility Profiles)

Covered in this lesson:

  • Training video: Clarifying Job Expectations & Profiles
  • Training video: Completing Job Analysis (employee)
  • Employee Job Analysis Questionnaire (completed by employee)
  • Manager Job Analysis Questionnaire (completed by manager)
  • Job Responsibility Profiles drafted
  • Review Job Responsibility Profiles with employees

Download the Handout and follow along with the video for an introduction to the purpose and content of Job Analysis Questionnaires and Job Responsibility Profiles.

Download the Handout and follow along with the video.

Your Checklist & Next Steps

  1. Watch the videos
  2. Invite employees to complete job analysis
  3. Complete the related documents
    • Complete Manager Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) for each position that reports to you (prior to seeing employee version).
      • If more than one manager, determine who is responsible to complete for each job title.
      • Compare employee version with manager version.
    • Draft Job Responsibility Profiles based on JAQ for review with employee(s).
  4. Schedule follow up meetings with employees
    • You can meet with each individual or as a group if more than one person in a job title.
    • Review the draft Job Responsibility Profile and get feedback.
  5. Finalize Job Responsibility Profiles