Fill in the names of your current team members based on a quick overall rating of their performance and (your perception) of their engagement level/ commitment to the job.

Some examples:

  • Bob is one of your top performers and he goes the extra mile to take care of your clients, and is a good team player, has a positive attitude, and demonstrates and verbalizes his desire to help the company succeed:
    • Rating : performance = exceeds, commitment = high
  • Sue is a new hire who is struggling to excel, but she still has a positive attitude about learning and is making an effort to work you to learn her job role and tasks
    • Rating: performance = needs development, commitment = high
  • Joe has been with your company 20 years, he comes to work on time but his performance is barely meeting expectations and he is falling behind on learning new skills and equipment in his area. He is know for his lackluster attitude and attempts to avoid taking responsibility or accountability for his work.
    • Rating: performance = needs development, commitment = low
  • Liz is a top sales person with your firm and her performance has exceeded expectations, she does a great job and takes care of the customer and seems motivated to earn her bonus. While her attitude is not negative, she tends to be more focused on her own results and less concerned with teamwork or how her work impacts others. She tends to avoid social activities or interactions with her co-workers and makes comments that suggest she is not concerned about how the overall company succeeds, just as long as she makes her sales quota.
    • Rating: performance- exceeds, commitment- low


Needs development

Meets performance expectations

Exceeds expectation













Each employee “type” has a related action plan process:

  1. Risk for termination– Joe
    • Solution: Performance Improvement Action Plan
  2. Retention Risk— Liz
    • Solution: Engagement Action Plan
  3. Loyal but unqualified— Sue
    • Solution: Job Fit Evaluation
  4. High Potential – Bob
    • Solution: High Potential Development Plan

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