Guide to Building Your Team: Right People, Right Jobs

This guide outlines the process to ensure each person is motivated and excited to work on the Right Things. Learn how to determine if you have the Right People, and ways to evaluate someone’s Job Fit and maximize performance. Understand why your efforts at motivating or training a low performer may not be working, and what to do before you can hold people accountable.

Guide to Coaching: Accountability & High Performance

This guide outlines how managers can build coaching and recognition into their weekly routine, to hold people accountable in a positive effective way. This process creates an environment where performance is clear, expected, recognized and rewarded.

Guide to the Small Business Owner’s Role: Design & Roadmap

To build a business that “works for you” rather than relying on your daily involvement, you need a strategic “Owner’s Plan.” This guide walks you through the steps to discover your ideal role, outline the roles of your current team, and how to create a roadmap to building a team of key people you trust to run your daily operations.

[Guide Publication Date:  Summer 2021]

Guide to Dashboards: Tracking Results & Linking to Rewards

This guide outlines how to use dashboards as a tool to monitor and improve your business, and to make better business decisions. Learn how your key business metrics can be cascaded down to departments and individuals, as a foundation for coaching, accountability and quarterly to long-term planning.

[Guide publication date: Spring 2021]

Guide to Attracting and Selecting A-Players

This guide outlines the ongoing, streamlined and data-driven selection system to find and attract your ideal A-Player,  and use modern selection tools to know that you are making the right decision before you hire.

[Guide publication date:  Spring 2021]


Job responsibility KPI

Template: Job Responsibility Profile

You can’t hold your People accountable if you aren’t clear on their role and responsibility. Use this template to clarify their job activities, key performance indicators, and the expected results!

Template: Job Fit Maximizer

Use this two-page template to finally identify the real cause of performance gaps, and jointly create a performance turn-around plan.

Performance Profiler

Template: The People + Performance Profiler

Map your team’s strengths and create a blueprint to coach for maximum performance.

A-Player Attractor Job Posting

Template: A Player Attractor Job Posting

Get a flood of qualified and interested A Player applicants with a targeted job posting that stands out! Appeal to the Right People by featuring what makes your job different, and save time by discouraging the unqualified.

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