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The People Plan strategy session gave me an instant plan with what I needed to stop doing, and what I could train my manager to take over right away…

- owner, international wholesale supplier

After we defined the ideal customer service flow, we changed job roles and team assignments, resulting in a 36% increase in sales the next month.

- HR Director, logistics company

The People Plan process is so straightforward it takes the guesswork out of figuring out if we have the right roles for our current team and the gaps we need to hire to fill as we grow.

My employees responded very positively to being involved in defining their roles and crafting their training plan with me, and I love that they are excited about tackling challenging projects as part of their development.

- owner, residential service delivery

We were trying to get our machine operators to care about tracking their hours and material, once we involved them in our dashboard design and communicated results every month, they became the biggest supporters!

- CEO, light manufacturer

We had a detailed business strategy and goals, but we had not linked this with individual and company performance. The dashboard development process helped us communicate the actual results each department needed to achieve so that we could hit our goals.

- Chief Operating Officer, marketing agency