Module 6

Module 6 – Recruit & Select A-Players

Covered in this lesson:

  • Training video: Design your selection system
  • Complete Employer Brand checklist
  • Define and setup basic selection process; including setup assessment tools, steps, standard interview questions, candidate communication, recruiting sources
  • For each job title: job profile, job posting description, recruiting source, custom interview questions or steps, candidate scorecards
  • Training video: Selection process to identify A-Players

Download the Handout and follow along with the video for an introduction to the purpose and content of Job Analysis Questionnaires and Job Responsibility Profiles.

Download the Handout and follow along with the video.

Your Checklist & Next Steps

  1. Watch the video – also your team leaders and managers
    • 8A Design Your Selection System (Follow along with Handouts.)
  2. Finalize organization selection process and handbook (with your team)
    • template-Employer-Brand-Builder
    • selection process outline
    • candidate communication outlines and milestones
    • standard interview questions
    • recruiting sources finder
    • selection process action plan with assignments
  3. Finalize selection handbook for each position (with your team)
    • Job profile for selection
    • Job posting description
    • Specific recruiting source and posting instructions
    • Update phone screen questions with related KSA areas
    • Update interview questions with related “Competancy-Interview-Questions” 
  4. Watch the video
    •  8B Selection Process to Identify A Players (Follow along with Handouts.)
  5. Job search process- when position is available
    • Revise job profile
    • Update job posting content
    • Distribute job posting on recruiting sources
    • Check and update candidate communication and assign / automate (including skill tests, assessments, and background/ physical checks)
    • Assign and review criteria to screen applicants
    • Schedule time in calendar for phone screens and first interviews
    • Update interview questions and candidate scorecards
    • Train other interviewers and verify their role
    • Recruit and select until you have 2-3 A Player candidates
    • Prepare offer with initial training checklist