Module 2

Module 2 – Evaluating Your Team For Job Fit

Covered in this lesson:

  • All the forms for the performance discussion and action plan are combined into the Manager’s Performance Handbook. (Individual forms are also separate for your convenience).
  • Training video: Evaluate Your Team for Job Fit
  • Draft Individual Performance Discussion forms
  • Training video: Preparing for Your Performance Discussion (employees)
  • Employees Complete Self-Evaluation, Submit to Manager
  • Evaluate Employees for Job Fit – on Performance Discussion forms

Download the Handout and follow along with the video.

Your Checklist & Next Steps

  1. Watch the Video
  2. Draft Individual Performance Discussion forms 
  3. Invite employees to complete performance self-evaluation
  4. Evaluate employees for job fit
    • Complete Performance Discussion forms
      • Review employee’s self evaluation, gather additional feeback, and use your observations.
      • Step 2A- complete performance ratings based on the past year.
      • Step 2B Competency “BARS” Descriptions – lists behaviors to help you rate the competencies.