Would you want to work with someone who has passion, focus, integrity, and positivity?
Or how about someone with great planning and interpersonal skills?
Of course! (No wait, give me that team mate who is Debbie Downer, always late with her work and tactless…)

As a coach of People, you want to demonstrate both the business skills expected of peers and the leadership traits that build trust and engage a team.

Here is a fun and quick list compiled by a very creative guy, Barry Feldman.
He calls these the “monsters of influence” but I call them essential for a Coach.

Influence pulls your team together, rather than pushing them.

Homework: Want to do your own “self-assessment” for this year– how would you rate yourself on these? (And how would your team rate you?)

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net