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People Plan™ Topics

Join us for our upcoming webinars to learn more about how
you can build a fabulous team using key elements of the People Plan™

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What: Information-packed, 25 minute webinars
Presented by: Diana Southall, President and Creator of the People Plan
When: Wednesdays @ 12 pm Eastern Time

  • 13 Total Rewards For Employee Satisfaction – It’s More than Pay!

    When: Wednesday, February 22 @ 9 am EST

    You will learn:

    • What are the 13 Total Rewards that attract, retain and engage employees?
    • What you can do to compete with the pay of larger (and richer) employers
    • Find out what specific Rewards each employee wants
    • How to assess and improve employee satisfaction with your organization’s Total Rewards

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  • 9 Steps to Build a Fabulous Team

    Wednesday, March 22 @ 9 am EST

    What is a Fabulous Team?

    • —An office full of passionate and engaged employees
    • —Working together to achieve the goals of the organization
    • —Who win new business because your customers are thrilled with the service they receive
    • —Run you organization so well, that you can take more time off without worrying about the details

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  • Recruiting and Selecting A Players

    Wednesday, April 26 @ 9 am EST

    Why Select A Players? 

    • —You can’t coach your way out of a “bad hire”
    • —Systematic selection takes a few hours, but saves 8 hours a week later
    • Evidence of skill gaps and attitude issues are visible if you are looking
    • Would you marry someone after one date?
  • Clarifying Job Expectations

    Wednesday, May 24 @ 9 am EST

    This session will explain why job “descriptions” are important to get everyone on the same map and clearly define expectations.

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  • How to Evaluate Your Current Team for Job Fit

    Wednesday, June 28 @ 9 am EST

    This session will outline how to evaluate your team members for job fit, identify causes of performance gap, and how to build on strengths for enhanced performance.

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  • Coaching Your Team for Top Performance

    Wednesday, August 30 @ 9 am EST

    You will learn how to:

    • Improve the feedback loop between you and your team members
    • Importance of both annual reviews and ongoing performance discussions
    • The five essential topics for employee performance feedback
    • Use multiple sources for gathering performance information
    • Ways to involve employees in the process to increase buy in and commitment

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  • Performance Discussions

    Wednesday, September 27 @ 9 am EST

    You will learn:

    • Start (continue) annual performance discussion process
    • Build a foundation for ongoing coaching conversations
    • Improve your relationship and trust level with employees
    • Address the performance or attitude issues you have been avoiding

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  • Training & Development Action Plans

    Wednesday, October 25 @ 9am EST


    Learn how to develop specific plans for and with your employees to create action items and bridge between feedback and annual performance discussions.

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