Recruit & Select A-Players

Finding good people is a challenge for all employers, but especially for small business. We work with you to design and launch an ongoing, semi-automated and data-driven selection system that repeatedly attracts A-Players, yields the best candidates, and gives you the tools to know that you are making the right decision before you hire.

An ideal selection process includes these elements:


  • Applicants want an employer Culture that matches their values and is a “great place to work”
  • Describe what makes yours different and appealing to just the Right People


  • Give applicants a true picture of the job role- not just duties but responsibility, key results expected, role in decisions, key contacts
  • Entice “passive” employed candidates to apply because your job sounds better than theirs!


  • Clearly outline the Ideal Candidate’s skills and competencies so you are wooing the Right People
  • Fill up your inbox with Ideal Candidates who are excited about your opportunity “This is the job for me!”


  • Stop wading through “the pile” of too many applicants- discourage unqualified and barely interested from applying
  • Improve the clarity and appeal of your job posting to attract the A Players and repel the C Players

Guide to Attracting and Selecting A-Players

This guide outlines the ongoing, streamlined and data-driven selection system to find and attract your ideal A-Player, and use modern selection tools to know that you are making the right decision before you hire.

[Guide publication date: November 2017]

Template: A Player Attractor Job Posting

Get a flood of qualified and interested A Player applicants with a targeted job posting that stands out! Appeal to the Right People by featuring what makes your job different, and save time by discouraging the unqualified.

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Recruit & Select with the “A-Player Attractor” System


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Watch this recorded training by Diana Southall to learn how to :

  • Identify the A-Player Profile: Do you want a team with all A players? You have to know how to scout for talent.
  • Boost your recruiting efforts to flood your inbox with great applicants
  • Design your 5 phase selection process to find your ideal “needle in the haystack”
  • Use technology to streamline your process and spend less time sorting through resumes
  • Learn 10x more about your candidates with inexpensive modern selection tools
  • “How to Build a Virtual Bench” for a continual flow of qualified applicants

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