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Webinar: Coach Your Team for Accountability and Performance

Find out the 6 Steps to get your team to step up and do more… to run and grow your business with a People Plan


Join Diana Southall for 30 minutes to learn:

✓ Four main questions you need to answer to get your people to be crystal-clear about what they need to do

✓ The positive step-by-step process to get every member of your team motivated to work together to achieve the results you expect

✓ How you can spend less time answering questions and solving problems, and get your team to finally step up and finish business-improvement projects on your “wish list”

✓ 8 reasons you need to use objective metrics to track and measure individual and business results

Six things you are doing that are sabotaging your efforts to delegate and “hold people accountable”

“Watch this recording of a live training, as I outline the step-by-step process you can use to positively coach your People for delivering results. Find out what it takes to get your team to be excited about your business goals, commit to get things done, and hold each other accountable for high-performance and delighting your customer.”

Diana Southall

Creator of the People Plan

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