How Delegation Actually Engages Your High Performers

How Delegation Actually Engages Your High Performers

Lately I have been sharing with you resources to 1) Clarify the best use of your time, 2) Create a delegation wish list of your “stop doing” tasks, and 3) Identify to whom to delegate this list.

By delegating, you are creating a “win” for you AND a “win” for you high performers. 

Your high performers crave challenging assignments and want to know they are being developed for future growth.

In fact, “opportunities” to develop is the number one retainer and engager of your top people- the least expensive and most powerful reward your organization has to build your A team.

To continue your delegation journey, I created a 18 minute video to show you the whole process. The development action plan process gets all employees working towards goals that benefit them and the company.

Watch the 18 minute Video:  Develop High Potentials with Action Plans

(The video shows not only how action plans benefit your best performers, but also the average Jane and the lowest performer as well!)

So go ahead, give up something off your list in January and watch your people grow!

What does a High Performer Look Like?

What does a High Performer Look Like?

“10 Competencies of the High Performer”

A great infographic image from management consulting firm CEB gives you a quick list of the 10 competencies in high performing players. (I have grouped them by categories.)


  • Works well on teams
  • Able to influence
  • Possesses self and organizational awareness

Work habits:

  • Agile learner
  • Able to prioritize

Decisions/ results:

  • Effective problem solver
  • Decision maker
  • Proactive


  • Technology savvy

Good judgment, team player, aware and influential, quick learner?

Who wouldn’t want these players on their team!

I think you will agree this list is on-target. The challenge is finding these people and then getting them to join your team…

The graphic also indicates 4 ways to be sure you are providing the “Care and Feeding” that high performers expect, or they will take their high demand skills elsewhere.

Learn more about how you can use the People Plan to find, build and reward your “Hi Performers” below.


Resources – Training & Development

This module focuses on how to create action plans and the steps to identify and groom people for advancement within the organization, helping you build a team of skilled and involved employees that do a great job.


Training 6 – Training and Development Action Plans




To your People success,

-Diana Southall, People Coach and creator of the People Plan™


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