Let us assist you with our People Coaching program.

Would you benefit from?

  • A Simple Plan

    A simple plan designed for you, with detailed instructions and roadmap to complete it

  • Accountability

    Accountability, so you get in the habit of completing the milestones along the roadmap to implement your plan

  • Deadlines

    Deadlines, so you don’t set unrealistic goals about how much you’ll get done and then feel guilty when it doesn’t happen

  • Reminders

    Reminders to “schedule time to complete the next step” and get meetings with staff in your calendar so you move along the process

  • Structure

    Structure, so you know how to get “in the rhythm” of coaching and guiding your staff, and so you don’t spend all day doing it

  • Expert Guidance

    Someone to provide expert guidance for you to be confident to have the important conversations with your staff, create your Fabulous Team, and then coach them towards business success

Then our Private Coaching Package is for you. They include:

  • Initial People Plan strategy session to outline your project plan, timeline and your key People Pains
  • Bi-weekly email reminders of the next step of your People Plan to complete so that you stay on track with the project and process
  • Private “Power Pack” coaching sessions (based on the schedule we outline)

Your coaching investment will:

  • Project scheduling

    Keep your project on schedule with frequent accountability updates

  • Plan design

    Give you advice on how to custom design your People Plan systems to fit your needs

  • Personal Training

    Train you how to use the People Plan systems effectively and then implement them

  • Leadership coaching

    Improve your skills in coaching for employee performance and accountability

  • Customized solutions

    Provide custom advice for specific coaching conversations (see sample below)

We will give you custom advice to help you prepare for your specific coaching conversations (here are some samples):

  • Preparing for difficult conversation with long term employee about lagging performance
  • How to encourage a diamond in the rough to actively work with you to learn and develop new skills to advance to another position
  • Working with employee who is great a side stepping accountability every week
  • Convincing a long term employee to make changes in how she does things because it’s essential for better customer service
  • Get a new employee to agree to and take ownership of his first six month training plan
  • Rallying your team to go out and promote your new product to their clients
  • Creating  a positive shift in your relationship with an employee with whom you “never really got along”

Instead of fishing for you, we teach you how to fish. We teach you how to make coaching a part of your business rhythm, and turn you into the Olympic coach of your Fabulous Team!

Due to our strong client base, we are not able to work with everyone directly.
We do engage with a few enthusiastic and motivated entrepreneurs each year and encourage you to contact us to see if there is a match in our styles and goals.