Free Small Business Video Course

Build a Trusted Fabulous Team…To Run and Grow Your Business

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Learn how to Build, Coach, Engage and Reward your Team:

  • Build From C players to a fabulous team of A players who work together
  • Coach From dealing with fires, chaos and drama to a confidently coach your team with ease
  • From hiring hands to Engaging people to contribute their heads and heart
  • Reward and retain top performers with what they crave- challenging work and opportunities
  • Create a simple effective management rhythm to track, coach, and improve business results

So that you have the money, time and freedom to focus on doing what you love!


Join me to learn how to create a work environment where employees are excited about their jobs and work together as a team to achieve business results!

Diana Southall

Creator of the People Plan

FREE Video Course Outline

  • 1. Why You Need a People Plan to Profit and Grow

    Learn why People are the key to your business success and growth

  • 2. Learn the Key Steps to Build & Maximize Your Team

    9 elements to Build, Coach, Engage and Reward a Fabulous Team

  • 3. Get Your Team Working on the Right Things and Measure Performance

    Use Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators for Accountability & Results

  • 4. Find Out If You Have the Right People in Each Job

    Evaluate your staff for Job Fit with Current and Future Roles

  • 5. How to Coach When You Hate It and Don’t Have Time

    Why and how you can Coach your team for top performance, in a positive and appreciative way

  • 6. Use Training to Maximize the Performance of your Whole Team

    Focus training to Turnaround the Low Performers, Energize the Average, and Engage Your Top People 

  • 7. Find and Hire "A Players" to Improve Your Team

    Don’t Be Fooled Again- the “A Player Attractor” Hiring System

Videos are about 15 minutes long– watch all at once or get weekly reminders.
So take an afternoon break, grab a beverage (and a snack), and join me to learn about how a Fabulous Team is possible at your organization!