Building a fabulous team is a challenge for every captain.

Employees each come with their own set of preferences, values, attitudes, abilities, work styles and personalities, making it difficult to get them all to act in unison and remain on a straight course.

One client put it this way: “We have 100 employees so that means we have 100 different personalities!” That’s a lot of personalities to coach!

Luckily, there are 9 proven steps you can take to get your crew to work together as a team and achieve success for your organization:

  • Step 1: Create a Vision for Where You Want Your Ship to Go
  • Step 2: Identify the Types of People You Need On Board
  • Step 3: Evaluate Current Crew Members for Job Fit
  • Step 4: Recruit & Hire New Crew Members
  • Step 5: Establish & Communicate Row Rate and Rhythm
  • Step 6: Manage Your Crew’s Performance
  • Step 7: Map Out Individual Performance Plans
  • Step 8: Ensure Crew Members Don’t Want to Jump Ship
  • Step 9: Reward Your Crew

Download my 22 page digital book 9 Steps to Build a Fabulous Team” and chart your course to People Success!

-Diana Southall, author “9 Steps to Build a Fabulous Team,” and creator of the People Plan