Let me tell you a little more about myself
so you know why I created the People Plan:

Who I am  + Why I Am Here

I am a fifth generation entrepreneur- my great-great-grandfather founded a lumber yard on the Erie Canal (it is still in operation by another family after being sold in the 1960’s).  My mother and five of her siblings all founded and own their own business.

I spent my childhood and early career in our family business (a Top 25 women owned landscape business in Buffalo, NY), involved in retail, business service, distribution, and worked every department from human resource to sales, marketing, accounting and operations. I watered plants on Sunday at the local mall, worked Saturdays in our retail plant store, spent summers on the nursery farm potting plants.

In high school I moved into the office with accounting entries, cost accounting reports, and pre-screening applicants.

When I was 15 my mother hired a local consultant to help her hire and train a Fabulous Team, and I was fortunate to receive the manager training and even help implement the recruiting, selection, and training process  (Mom knows talent when she has it).

I was always involved in the business even when away at college—some employees were great and stayed along time, others lost their luster and moved on, some needed a little help to get back on track, some crashed and burned.

But through it all I realized that it is painful to be a business owner or manager—you want employees to be their best and to give them opportunities to find something they love. And you agonize over your People Pains and how to deal with employees that are not doing or acting their best.

After studying for my MBA, I started working with my former professor as a human resource consultant to mid-sized businesses.  There are actually some great “big company” HR methods that small businesses need, but small businesses usually don’t have an “HR department” or want to have the red tape of a Fortune 500 company.

Don’t let the term “HR” scare you — HR is more than payroll, it is actually the process to find great people, train and develop them, to give them feedback and to keep them on track. (Isn’t that is what all organizations need?)

So I created the People Plan – it takes the best of what larger companies have to coach you to build a Fabulous Team—but makes it easy to use in your small business.

Trust me—I have lived through plenty of horror stories- One employees who stole product and cash, another did only work half the time but lied on time sheets and got paid to stay home, several became completely sullen and/or hostile when dropping performance was discussed, some would pretend they were going to do assigned tasks but did what they wanted.

On the other hand, I have had the fortune to work with some GREAT team members who loved their job, were enthusiastic and took care of the customer, and worked together as a team.

My passion and goal is to help you actually make changes that will positively impact employee performance, your organization’s culture, and achieve a more profitable and enjoyable workplace.

I have personally experienced the “People Pains” of a small business owner, so I focus on solutions that are the “right fit” for your organization.

>That’s why I’m so passionate about helping YOU put a few straightforward People SYSTEMS in place at your business to help you build a Fabulous Team

And it doesn’t have to mean you have to spend more time on paperwork or bureaucratic MBA stuff.

It simply means creating effective People systems that work for you, ensures that work gets done right, and guarantee a great experience for your customers.

Once you have these systems in place they become part of the rhythm of running your business.

Since all team members know what is expected of them, they even hold each other accountable to do the job. Learning and implementing the People Plan systems makes you the great People coach that everyone wants as their manager, and makes your life easier as your team members do their jobs right.

That’s what my team and I do for our clients. And that’s what we want to show you how to do too. So I’ve worked to put together a program that does exactly that…

I call it the People Plan™ toolkit– and it is designed to help your small business!

So join me to Build a Fabulous Team with your People Plan